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What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text files that the sites visited by the user send and record on his device, to be then retransmitted to the same website next visit. With cookies, the website remember user’s actions and preferences so that they do not have to be indicated again when user return to visit the same website or navigates from one page to another. Cookies, therefore, can be used to perform computer authentication, monitoring sessions and storing information regarding the activities of users accessing at website. They could also contain a unique identification code to allow tracking of the activities carried out by the user within the site itself for statistical or advertising purposes. During navigation on a site, the user can also receive on his device cookies from websites or web servers other than the one he is visiting (third-party cookies). Some operations could not be performed without the use of cookies, which in some cases are therefore technically necessary for the same functioning of the website.

Which cookies use

There are various types of cookies, depending on their characteristics and functions, and these can remain in the user’s device for different periods of time:

  • Persistent cookies: these cookies are kept in the user’s browser for a period longer than the duration of the session. The duration of cookie maintenance is variable;
  • Session cookies: session cookies are stored for the duration of the browsing session and then deleted.

Specifically, cookies perform different functions depending on the category to which they belong. In this regard we can distinguish different types of cookies used by

  • Technical cookies: Technical cookies are those cookies that are indispensable for the operation of the site or necessary to perform tasks requested by the user.
  • Feature cookies: Feature cookies allow the user to navigate according to a set of selected criteria, such as the language, in order to improve the service rendered.
  • Third party Cookies: these are cookies for websites or web servers other than this one, used for the purposes of these third parties. We cannot have a specific check on these subjects and their cookies. To obtain information about these cookies and their characteristics and methods of operation and to provide specific consent, please contact these third parties directly.
Third-party cookies

If you do not wish to receive third party cookies on your device, you may, through the links below, access the information and consent forms of such third parties and exclude the receipt, or refer to the site to get information on how to delete or manage cookies based on your browser and to manage preferences on third-party profiling cookies.

Cookies Primary use Profiling Place treatment Privacy Policy
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How to manage cookies by configuring your browser

If you want to learn more about how your browser stores cookies during your browsing, please follow these links on the sites of their respective vendors.

For more information

To get more information and to exercise your rights, you can write to the responsible Privacy manager at the following email address Read the rules at the following link to learn more about cookies.