The management of the database within the Fastcat project concerns the possibility of changes to the spreadsheet on which you are working and to take advantage of some useful shortcuts to manage it. All functions related to the management of the database can be reached both from the database menu and from the function bar.

Databases that can be imported into Fastcat are spreadsheets generated by software such as Excel (recommended) or compatible, which generate xlsx files.

From the Fastcat software interface, you can edit the sheet using enable database changes. This function makes the spreadsheet grid editable. After you have made the changes it is recommended to save the database from Fastcat to not lose the changes made and overwrite the original file. This type of function is very useful to quickly fix errors or add a few data. In case you have to make massive changes the suggestion is to work directly in the software that generated the spreadsheet and then, if the changes were made with Fastcat open, reload the database.

The other tools that help in managing the database reachable from the menu, show on the computer the active xlsx file or open it directly in the software that generated it.