From the Tools menu you can access functions that simplify and speed up the layout work with Fastcat and InDesign

Verifying the integrity of your unique code is a useful tool to prevent errors when you automatically update your InDesign documents. Before starting the insertion work, it is useful to verify, on the active sheet, that in the column shown in the project as a unique code there are no duplicates. Fastcat will show in case any doubles in the messages window, giving the possibility to switch from one code to another.

The tool Show in Fastcat is very useful to find within the database an item already inserted in InDesign. To view, select first in the InDesign document what you want to find in the database, after go to Fastcat and click on the function. The result will be highlighted in the database window.

The reveal Image tool in Windows Explorer is a help that speeds up the search for images. Selecting the image in the project database opens the folder on the computer where it is saved. This tool is also very useful for verifying that the image exists or has not been moved to another folder not set in the project.

The find tool is useful for finding within the databases set in the Fastcat project, text and images. The search can only be done in the active sheet, all the sheets in the active file, in all the sheets of all the files