Paginating price lists and catalogs with Fastcat and Adobe® InDesign®

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Connecting Excel to InDesign and publishing price lists and catalogs with Fastcat is really simple. Fastcat is the assisted layout system, which automatically and without errors updates images, texts and data in tables. Its natural use is in the creation of catalogs, price lists, data sheets, brochures, leaflets etc., with Adobe® InDesign® the most popular professional layout software.

Fastcat is not a plug-in, is a software. It not installed in Adobe® InDesign®. This solution makes InDesign updates independent from Fastcat and optimizes workflow, avoiding unnecessary waste of time.

Production Workflow

Graphic project set-up.

The graphic project set-up is makes in Adobe InDesign, depending on the requirements/needs of the customer. Paragraph, table, cell styles, and each project layout section, are entrusted to graphic designer, as if it is a manual layout.

Publishing price lists and catalogs - sx Layout page
Publishing price lists and catalogs - dx layout page

Insert with Fastcat.

After importing the database into Fastcat, the graphic designer has the task of connecting Excel to InDesign by inserting texts, images and table, in InDesign documents. At any time, the graphic designer will be able to graphically refine the entire document.

Linking Excel to InDesign

Publish file.

After finishing the process of entering data and completing the perfecting graphic layout, the InDesign document is ready to be generated in pdf format for printing or for distribution via the Internet.

Publishing price lists and catalogs - sx page
Publishing price lists and catalogs - dx page

Automatic update of modified data.

After modifying the excel database, the graphic designer can choose to update from Fastcat selection, update from InDesign selection or update InDesign document, with a single click.
The InDesign document is immediately available for further revision of the layout by the graphic designer.


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